MAESTRO project is build upon a multiple and complementary expertise of Luxembourg, Swiss, Italian and Irish partners. This provides a mix of academic and technological partners (LIST (LU), DOMO (CH), CNR(IT), I+(IT), StatSports(IE), business and end-user experts (CoSt(CH), FST(CH), Netwell(IE)), thus leading to a cross-sectorial and cross-disciplinary consistency from both the methodological point of view and the requirements linked to the expected impact, towards a perennial business model and further dissemination of results.

MAESTRO consortium includes already existing collaborations through works on current successful projects (in MEDIATE AAL project LIST collaborates with FST and a member of CoST, while SpONSOR project includes LIST, CoSt, FST, I+, Netwell and CNR). This reinforces the legitimacy of this new consortium that is described further below.


MAESTRO Partners

<link http:>The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) that develops advanced technologies and delivers innovative products and services to industry and society.

As a major engine of the diversification and growth of Luxembourg’s economy through innovation, LIST supports the deployment of a number of solutions to a wide range of sectors, including energy, IT, telecommunications, environment, agriculture, and advanced manufacturing at national and European level.

Thanks to its location in an exceptional collaborative environment, namely the Belval Innovation Campus, LIST accelerates time to market by maximizing synergies with different actors, including the university, the national funding agency and industrial clusters.

<link http:>Coherent Streams (CoSt) is active in the design, assessment and management of technological innovation, on line communities and social innovation, from a multi-stakeholder knowledge management perspective.

Our approach builds upon the intermediation and alignment of needs, expectations, skills specific to diverse cultures for creative yet lasting solutions, thus generating decisive coherence in various types of flow organization and management (information, knowledge, people, materials or any combination of these).

We want to make best use of digital economy emerging trends, combining technologies with social networks’ weak and strong ties, web1.0, 2.0 and more, innovators’ initiatives as well as users’ involvement, for coping with both local and global stakes whenever needed.

With over 30 years of experience, <link http: site index.php>Fondation Suisse pour les Téléthèses (FST), by its FSTLab, has acquired the expertise needed to detect with finesse needs and provide the most appropriate suitable products. In some cases, it turns out that on the market, no solution exists to satisfy the application or the needs of some people. It is at this stage that the FSTLab takes place through the creation of tools computer and/or electronic innovative.

The aim of <link http:>DomoSafety SA (DOMO) is to improve the quality of the information received by the family or health care professionals in order to guarantee an adequate service either an urgent incident or to prevent it. Information is shared only in the event of incident which guarantees the private sphere because in a normal situation, the information is never shared.

The Italian National Research Council (CNR - <link http:> is the main public research organization in Italy. It will participate in the MAESTRO project with its Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology (CNR-ISTC - <link http:> located in Rome. CNR-ISTC is a leading institute for cognitive science, cognitive technology and artificial intelligence. The institute has a significant experience in project coordination and participation in several EU projects in FP6, FP7 and H2020 (including several AAL projects).

<link http: website index.php>I+ is a leader company for e-Health solutions and Home Automation integrated systems

Our approach is to match the innovation with solutions effectiveness, flexibility and usability.

I+ realizes services and develops software solutions according with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standard; its product are CE certified.

I+ solutions are based on long lasting expertise as a key player at international level. This role is reinforced by strong collaborations and partnerships with several European Research Centres and Universities.

<link http:>StatSports has grown from its humble origins in Ireland to be the world-leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis equipment. We now have offices in Ireland, London, Chicago and Florida.

The Viper System is a customer driven platform. The unique, user-friendly interface was designed and shaped alongside some of the world’s top strength coaches, medics and sports coaches. It is the only system to offer sports specific software for Football, Basketball, American Football, Rugby and Athletics.


Population ageing is wrought with challenges, but it also offers many opportunities – at <link http:>NetwellCASALA our multidisciplinary research and development activities are focused on developing more integrated community-oriented services, more sustainable home and neighbourhood design, and more age-friendly technologies.

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