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Sustainable Reference Framework evaluating quantified-self equipment and services for seniors (MAESTRO) is a research project aiming to improve health monitoring for seniors.

Focus on connected monitoring devices

MAESTRO will develop an assessment reference framework which will allow manufacturers of monitoring devices to certify their products. It will also develop a web-based ICT platform to provide advice on monitoring services to users (seniors but also formal and informal actors) in the context of well-being and health.

The research project will notably address the lack of a method to measure the quality of health monitoring devices by providing stakeholders with a reference framework to certify products and services. This will help to harmonize the international development and production of connected monitoring devices.

Funded by the European Commission's Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP), the project brings together partners from Luxembourg (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology), Switzerland (Coherent Streams, Fondation Suisse pour les Téléthèses, DomoSafety), Italy (CNR- Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology, I-Più Srl) and Ireland (Dundalk institute of technology). The project is coordinated by LIST.


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